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New for 2017

Hawk Marine Products have been making the Hawk range of Apparent Wind Indicators since the 1970’s and they are all still proudly made here in the UK.

The Little Hawk range has long been the Wind Indicator of choice for Club Sailors to Olympic Stars from every corner of the World. The Little Hawk Race and Little Hawk MK2 have been on Bronze, Silver and Gold Winning boats at the last 4 Olympics.

A Great Pedigree to follow !!!

With Feedback from Olympic Sailors we have tweaked the formula to bring you the Little Hawk Race and Little Hawk MK2 Podium Editions.

The Podium Edition Vane Arms have been redesigned to reduce weight, Increase rigidity, Improve balance and reduce the Centre of Momentum. We have also angled the vane tail to stop mainsheets catching in close quarters. There is a Red Vane for the MK2 at the gooseneck and Black Vane for the Race at top of the Mast, giving optimal visibility at both angles.

The Locking Block is also now captive so that the Vane can not be lost and it keeps it perfectly balanced. (All parts are available as spares as always)

We are pleased to have these new products available from the Dinghy Show so grab your self the lightest, toughest most accurate Wind Indicator on the market, and aim to get on the Podium this year.



October 2016

As of the 3rd of October you are now able to buy, in the UK, any of the Hawk Marine Products Wind Indicators or Slotstrip Products from Harken UK. We look forward to this new relationship with Harken, and with the resource of their professional sales team we will be able to get the Hawk product to more sailors around the UK.

September 2016

A Big congratulations go out from all of us at Hawk, to Giles Scott and Helena Lucas for winning Medals at Rio Hawk Wind Indicators. Giles won his Gold in the Finn using a modified Little Hawk MK2 and makes it 5 Finn Gold Medals in a row using Hawk Wind Indicators. Helena has always used a Standard Hawk on the top of her 2.4m and in 2012 Won a Gold in the Para-Olympics at Weymouth and now adds a Bronze in Rio. A big well done to both of you.

Olympic Press Release August 2012

Little Hawk Race

The Little Hawk Race was developed to provide the lightest, most Accurate and least Windage/drag apparent Wind Indicator available on the market. This Product has continuously been evaluated and tested by the UK Olympic Squads and the Worlds Top Sailors. We are pleased to announce that at the 2012 London Games the Little Hawk Race was used to win the following Medals:

Finn Gold

Finn Bronze

470 Men’s Silver

470 Women’s Silver

Congratulations to the above teams – Well Done.

March 2011:

Hawk Marine are delighted to announce the appointment of Schaefer Marine of Massachusits as their new North American Distributor.

Adrian Brunton of Hawk Marine said “I am really pleased and excited about this strategic move. We have a great product and have never really done it Justice in North America. I am confident that we now have the correct team and skills in place to bring our products to the US Market Place.

For more information visit


March 2008:

The Ultimate Lightweight Apparent Wind Indicator.

Hawk Marine Products most popular Apparent Wind Indicator, the Little Hawk MK1 has proven over time to be a simple, robust, lightweight and accurate Apparent Wind Indicator widely used by Optimists, Toppers and Lasers.

Hawk Marine Products have also regularly supplied the MK1 to some of Britain’s top sailors and Olympic hopefuls who are looking for the lightest possible Wind Indicator for the top of the mast with the least possible drag. These MK1’s would get cut down to minimal length and be epoxied and faired into or onto the Mast Head Fitting.

As the demand for this has grown Hawk Marine Products have launched The Little Hawk Race. This is a Little Hawk Mk1 with only a 14cm Support Rod and a Hawk mounting system on the end. The small mast clip is screwed to the top of the mast or the Mast Head fitting and the Little Hawk Race is then clipped in or out of the mast clip in a couple of seconds without any tools.

This now brings all top sailors the most cost effective, lightweight, robust and lowest drag Wind Indicator ever made. It will not degrade in the sun, will not snap or fade and like most burgees will not Fray.

Available now from all good Chandlers.

Hawk Marine Products


Ausust 2007:

**Press Release**

“Black Tops are back”

The Needlespar Black Top Masts made a dramatic reappearance on the Dinghy Racing Scene at this years Mirror National Championships.

Under the command of Hector Cisneros and his son Ben, they clinched the National Title with a race to spare.

Over recent months Needlespar have had plenty of feed back from Mirror sailors complaining that the current Bermudian masts are too stiff sideways, particularly for the lighter weight crews. With the Needlespar Tube Technology we have been able to develop a mast that emulates the gust response of the traditional Gaff Rig. The result is so close to the original that you can also use a sail designed for a gaff rig on the new Needlespar mast. This results in a cheaper upgrade option when converting from Gaff Rig to Bermudian Rig.

The mast was tested at Brightlingsea prior to the Nationals and has proven to be fast in all conditions but was particularly fast when the conditions were gusty or choppy.

For further information please contact Hawk Marine products on 02392 463864 or


July 2007:

Great Hawk Press Release

Great Hawk mounting improvement.

The Great Hawk Wind Indicator has been a popular product with yachtsman around the world for over 30 years on both cruising and racing yachts. With it’s 38cm Vane Arm and glass filled nylon Reference Arms it has proven to be lightweight, low windage and very robust.

Recent feedback from customers was that the Great Hawk was not as easy or quick to mount as the main opposition. With the Great Hawk you have to drill two 3mm holes and screw the Mast Clamp onto either the top or side of the mast. Other brands of Wind Indicator bolt straight into one of the spare holes on the Mast Crane. Once mounted however, you will need a spanner to remove these where as the Great Hawk is easily removed from its mast clamp by undoing 1 self tapping screw.

All new Great Hawks are now supplied with a new Crane Adaptor Block. This small block, complete with Bolt and Nylock Nut, can be bolted into any spare hole on the Mast Crane. The Standard Great Hawk Mast clamp can then be attached to the Adaptor block without the need to drill any holes. The Great Hawk can still be removed quickly with a small screw driver and one self tapping screw.

This now gives the customer the flexibility of 3 different mounting methods for their Great Hawk.

Hawk Marine Products


November 2006:

Hawk Acquires Needlespar. The world famous mast manufacturer “Needlespar” has been recently acquired by Hawk Marine Products.

Needlespar has been making Aluminium Masts and Booms for Dinghies and Yachts for over 35 years. Needlespar dominated the Dinghy Mast Market through the 70’s and 80’s with its tube technology, but did see it’s market diminish considerably over recent years as other manufacturers concentrated on the development of Carbon Fibre.

Today Needlespar still enjoys a buoyant customer base for its masts in many classes that are not allowed the use of Carbon Fibre, as well as for its Aluminium Booms.

The Needlespar Company was about to disappear forever as its owner and founder, Mr David Hunt, was eventually to retire. The purchase of Needlespar as a going concern by Hawk Marine Products guarantees the continuation of this world famous brand with its existing product range and customer base, and gives an exciting future for new product development.

When questioned, Richard Search, Managing Director of Hawk Marine Products said “We are very excited by this acquisition, adding such a famous brand to our Product Family gives us another platform to develop new Products for the marine industry.

The Warsash based business is currently being relocated to Hawk Marine Products Hayling Island Factory.

September 2006:

The Prototype Hawk Race gets its first full test.

For many years now Hawk Marine Products have made a small lightweight Little Hawk MK2 wind indicator which is mounted in front of the mast at gooseneck level. This has proved very popular around the world with Laser and Topper sailors. The new Hawk Race has been developed for the same application, but on larger boats such as the Finn, Phantom, Streaker, RS600, Supernova etc.
The Hawk Race uses the Standard Hawk vane arm with its precision balanced arm and synthetic “V” Jewel bearing with stainless steel pivot point. And with the all up weight of only 32gms this gives minimal friction and a low level of inertia affording you unparalleled levels of accuracy, particularly in light and shifty wind conditions.

As part of the development programme we issued each entrant at the recent Finn Nationals on Hayling Island a Prototype of the Hawk Race for a full test and feed back session. All those competitors using them had very positive feedback. It is planned to put the Hawk Race into production before the end of the year.

June 2006:

All Change at Hawk Mouldings: After 34 years of making World beating Yacht and Dinghy Wind Indicators and commercial Injection Mouldings, Hawk are going back to their roots.
The all British Family Company was started in 1972 on Hayling Island in Hampshire by James Hawker (J. R. Hawker Engineering). James was a leading Fireball Sailor and active member of Hayling Island Sailing Club. He developed the original “Hawk” wind indicator for the top of his Fireball mast. A market was discovered, the Hawk Brand was born and the rest is history. The Hawk Wind Indicator range has slowly expanded to cover all sailing boats from Optimists up to Larger Racing and Cruising Yachts and also now includes the slotstrip centreboard products.
In recent years, under the guidance of James Step Son, Richard Search, Hawk Mouldings has utilised its expertise in Small Volume Injection Moulding to offer its services to the rest of the Marine Industry. Hawk Mouldings has been an intrinsic part of the change from Aluminium to plastic fittings on all UK manufactured Masts, cleats and marine hardware working with major companies such as Spinlock, Ocean Air, Selden, Superspars and Bainbridge. This has enabled the UK Marine Industry to develop competitive plastic products without the expense of high volume offshore manufacturing.

As of June 2006, Hawk Mouldings Commercial Moulding business is being merged with Hilton Engineering of Havant. Hilton Engineering are already a well established Technical Trade Moulder. The Hawk Wind Indicator and Slot Strip Products have been retained by Richard Search and will be manufactured and distributed by a new company, Hawk Marine Products Ltd.

Hawk Marine Products Ltd will be concentrating on improving sales and developing new products to enhance the range of both its Wind Indicator and Slot Strip products. Two new Wind Indicators are already planned for release later this year.

All Hawk Wind Indicators are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.


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