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Hawk Race Assembly Instructions


Hawk Race1

Ensure all parts are present and identified.

1 x Support Rod 1
1 x Vane Arm 2
1 x Locking Block + 1 Screw fitted 3
1 x Mast Clamp 4


Hawk Race2

The Vane Arm should be perfectly balanced when it leaves the factory.

Test this by putting the Support Rod into the vane arm and just slowly lift it off the table. The Vane Arm should remain parallel to the table.

   Hawk Race3

If either end of the Vane arm drops quickly you will need to reposition the Counter Weight.

Gently bend the front of the Vane Arm until the counter weight lifts up. Slide it in the necessary direction and retest.

When the position of the Counter Weight is correct ensure it is securely pushed into the Vane.

       Hawk Race4

Place the lip of the Vane Arm shaft into the locking block recess.

Push the Support Rod up through the locking block and into the Vane.

   Hawk Race5

Push the Support Rod in far enough to ensure the vane arm is lifted clear of the Locking Block Surface as in the photo.

The Vane arm should now turn perfectly with no friction.

Tighten the bottom of the 2 screws to lock the Lock-ing Block onto the Support.

       Hawk Race6

Loosen the screw on the top of the Mast Clamp as shown.

Push the Support rod all the way into the Mast Clamp socket. Tighten the screw to Lock the Support Rod into it.

Your Hawk Race is now ready to mount on the front of your mast.


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